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Opportunities to Help?

Yes.  I do and will need a lot of it, and everyone I’ve told about the adventure thus far, has said with lit up eyes, “Can I HELP?”  So, the short answer is YES.  Absolutely.  Strangely, I think that as we began to build bigger houses, we also lost some of those community barn raising kinds of traditions and mentality.  Or maybe the whole affair of building just became “professionalized” (not that there is anything wrong with professionals, except sometimes us lay people trust ourselves less when it comes to basic life skills or just forget them althogether).


Come and help me build my tiny house.  Come and be in community.  Come and share food and chat about life while we put in a floor.  Come and learn about tiny houses.  I’ll keep posts here of when and how I need help!!!

Thank YOU!

(oh, I’m in Colorado for those of you who might come across this site who are from elsewhere.)


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