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A broken wrist, another “tiny house” cabin, and a threat.

It’s been a number of months since blogging about the progress of bitty dragon.  In larger part, because literally the day after the “actual” build began back in June (after spending months collecting materials and working on design), I fell off of a folding chair and broke my left wrist.  Since I’m the type who is into “reading into” things, and simply because it was too hard to hold a hammer while steadying a piece of wood, and because the chinese medicine doctor/nurse in the ER (yes, I live in Boulder) said, “sounds like the universe is telling you to slow down”.

I did.  And didn’t touch bitty dragon or any of her bones lying in my garage for the past 4 months.  That’s how long my complex break took to heal.

Last week, I began giving massages again, and today, we took the bones of bitty dragon and loaded them into a neighbor’s truck to be moved about 300 yards from where we live now to our’s and “her” new home— an old off grid miner’s cabin/goat barn that sits on the edge of a ravine.  With a nearly perfect spot for our build, which won’t officially begin again until next spring (winter is setting in here in Colorado).

Victor, my partner, who is now officially part of the project (he always was involved, but in the process of slowing down and re-considering the whole process and reason for this build, he came in as full creative and embodied collaborator in simplifying and re-thinking our lives together).  He threatened as we moved heavy doors and windows (the 2nd time I have moved each of these items), “if we don’t have a tiny house by the time we move from THIS tiny cabin, we don’t have a tiny house”… in other words, I don’t want to move this precious sh** again.

So, just as the sun went down, we re-stacked, re-organized, and re-catagogued all of our materials into an old half falling down shed that we roughly re-built just last weekend (a whole other blog is coming about our present process of simplifying and tiny-fying into this present tiny cabin which is still double the size of bitty dragon— in fact, likely, the next number of blogs will be about our present “tiny” house adventure).


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