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A Few of my Favorite Things (that just might revolutionize sharing and community)


Yesterday, I discovered (not that I didn’t know about it or that I hadn’t been there) the Resource Store.  But I really discover what an AWESOME “resource” this is.  I hope all of you (especially those of you building tiny house know about this).  I’ve been doing mostly Craigslisting and scavenging so far from construction sites (which is fun but involves a lot of driving which  is a bit out of alignment with my environmental ethos), but Resource is like a great consignment/second hand/salvation army of building materials, good ones coming in every day and everything all in one very big lot and warehouse.  The people who work there (at least the one in Boulder) totally ROCK, like super helpful, “hey do you have any….” walk around with you looking for that perfect thing.  Even Daniel who helped me find a pile of great 2×4’s that weren’t even on the sales floor (which is the parking lot) yet left some plastic for lining my insulation next to my pile of wood when I came to pick it up today.  And I think there are resource stores all over the place at least here in Colorado!!

Carsharing.  I joined the Boulder Carshare because I was driving up to Vail this winter to do massage in a fancy lodge.  And I didn’t have a car at the time.  Yes, I knew about this for a while too!  How great is it to just show up, pick up a car that is full of gas, have the insurance paid for, not have to worry about repairs, and know that the people benefitting are people in my community (including me!) instead of some mega company.  Why do we all need our own car anyway (I have one now… but not having one until I was 26 and most recently not having one for over 2 years… reminded me of creativity and sharing in not)  This morning, I just went online, booked one of the trucks in the fleet, went over to McGuckins’, our very local hardware store, and picked it up for the hour and a half that I needed to go to the Resource Store and pick up my wood.

Couchsurfing.  I joined CS in 2007 before it grew up into what it is now.  I’ve surfed all over the country, met so many interesting folks, and hosted as well.  CS is again, in my opinion, about personalizing the landscape of our world.  Instead of staying in a big hotel ala’ impersonal, CS simply matches folks up with the pay it forward mentality of “You help me out.  I help another brother or sister out… and on and on”.  Sometimes it’s providing a couch, sometimes it’s just a tea and conversation.  It is infinitely more interesting to connect with people locally, to understand a place from it’s inhabitants, and to keep the energy localized instead of some big hotel chain that is owned by some landless placeless entity.  Big business is dangerous in my opinion unless it includes and actively attends to the people, animals, air, plants that actually inhabit a place.   I put bitty dragon on CS, and asked if anyone wanted to come and help/play/learn with me.  And Wa La.  I have people from all over the world, writing me with well wishes, their own dreams and hopes, and many who will likely join me this summer in Boulder!!!


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