My tiny truck…

All Filled Up

That’s what Duane called it when I drove into his driveway in Parker already filled up in back with some gently used bamboo flooring that Dana was trying to get out of her garage.  I am the “cleaner-outer  of garages”.  My own becoming fuller by the day, I rid others of those things that they have had just a little too long or never needed in the first place.  The flooring that didn’t quite work.  Duane, an ex-contractor, was looking in every corner for what might help with my project.  His wife wants to downsize into a tiny house (I think their house now looks to be a few thousand square feet.  Duane didn’t seem to be jumping at the opportunity tho’ he certainly has a garage full of materials and a body that has built houses for 30 years).

My truck, as he called it so aptly, is a Toyota Yaris Hatchback.  On this particular Bitty Dragon Pick-Up day, I fit two windows, 50 square feet of bamboo flooring, a roll of very heavy (much heavier than it looks) metal flashing to keep out the rodents, some very aged wood (cedar) that I like– siding?  I drive into this neighborhood to pick up one window, and notice practically every house has some scrap wood, a mattress, old drawers, carpet… you name it, out on the lawn… getting wet in the unlikely Colorado rain.  Me, in my truck, driving about, stopping occasionally.  It’s the end of the day.  My truck is full.  I’m tired, but look at all the free stuff.  I cannot pass up the opportunity to “shop”.  The man with the wood I collect, says it is “put your junk on the street” week in this part of Arvada.  People have a lot of junk.  My little take away making a little more space in the landfill for something else, a little less in my truck, and perhaps saving a little something that might still have some life in it.  My car smelling of aged cedar, me full of the day, head home to get my man to help me unload it into a very full garage.


Half Way Through May

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my tiny house.  Not that things haven’t been happening, but they are more the kinds of things that are happening under the surface, like the way seeds start to imagine their life while they are still deep in the ground.  I’ve been in a process of imagining my tiny house, of questioning, dreaming, designing and re-designing things in my head (usually late at night near the full moon it seems).  AND I haven’t had a lot to say.

But, it has been raining the last week ALOT which is wonderful in our climate that usually has a lot of drought, and the snow is finally all melted, and sure enough the tender green shoots are coming up.  We’ve even planted our garden finally after 3 weeks of late spring snow.  So, it is time, to put these visions “on the ground”, rather than let them linger in the air any longer.  Let the beauty happen, let the mistakes happen.

I just went out to the garage.  Our garage is full of things like any garage is full of things.  Reminding me of the huge longing to DOWN size, to let go of, especially now in the Spring.  I’ve always loved living simply, the times in my life when for whatever reason, I’ve had one room and all my belongings fit it that one room.  It’s kind of like having things out in the open “literally” instead to swept under a rug, pushed into a closet or the garage, to be dealt with LATER.  It makes me feel at ease.  I wonder if our cultural obsession with STUFF has a lot to do with all of the unseen psychic baggage that in much the same way gets pushed into a place deep enough in the closets of our consciousness that it needn’t ever be addressed–except of course when it shows up as an angry dragon or some child self stomping out of the room after a disagreement.  Just sayin’.

Anyway, back to the garage and the growing collection of tiny doors and not so tiny windows.  I do not buy into the idea that ascetically, a tiny house needs tiny windows (one of the many ideas gleaned at the recent Tumbleweed workshop I attended–plenty of other ideas that I loved).  I’d rather have light and air and a feeling that my tiny house really belongs to the outdoors more than it belongs to the indoors.

So, I’m standing in the garage, trying to make some order of things.  Do I really need to order things?  I ask myself.  Everything here that I have is unique.  I have a pile of things waiting for a place in my tiny house.  I have a design, half completed.  I have helpers coming to help.  I have a trailer half bought (I LOVE it!).  I have half my insulation.  I have half the participants I need to an upcoming carpentry workshop I’m hosting in said garage.  I have half figured out where to put my tiny house on the land that we live on.

It is half way through the month of May, and my vision is still to start building the last week of May.  But all I need to begin, is my trailer and my supplies for my decking (which I half have).  My half crazy philosophy is to take this all one day at a time, to accomplish each phase of this one phase at a time, to improvise, and to trust that the right supplies and right people with show up at precisely the right moment or at least within a day or two of the right moment. And to have FUN.

The glass is half full.